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Latest in Clinical Nutrition - Volume 43 [Digital Download]

Latest in Clinical Nutrition - Volume 43 [Digital Download]



Dr. Greger reviews the latest cutting-edge science in this 125-minute video presentation.

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1. Aloe for the Treatment of Advanced Metastatic Cancer
2. Can Aloe Cure Cancer?
3. Are Apples the Best Food for a Better Sex Life in Women?
4. Ground Ginger to Reduce Muscle Pain
5. Alternative Treatments for Autism
6. What is the Optimal Diet?
7. The Weight Loss Program that Got Better with Time
8. CHIP, the Complete Health Improvement Program
9. A Workplace Wellness Program that Works
10. Benefits of Lentils and Chickpeas
11. Benefits of Blueberries for the Brain
12. Benefits of Cabbage Leaves for Relief of Engorged Breasts
13. Effects of Smoking Marijuana on the Lungs
14. Smoking Marijuana vs. Using a Cannabis Vaporizer
15. Is Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Real?
16. How to Shop for, Handle, and Store Chicken
17. Does Coffee Affect Cholesterol?
18. How to Treat Jet Lag with Light
19. Are Melatonin Supplements Safe?
20. How to Treat Jet Lag with Melatonin-Rich Food
21. Detoxifying with Chlorella
22. Is Henna Safe?
23. Is Tea Tree Oil Safe?
24. Does Tea Tree Oil Have Hormonal Side Effects?
25. Best Supplement for Canker Sores
26. The Best Advice on Diet and Cancer

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