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Latest in Clinical Nutrition - Volume 45 [Digital Download]

Latest in Clinical Nutrition - Volume 45 [Digital Download]



Dr. Greger reviews the latest cutting-edge science in this 120-minute video presentation.

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1. Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for Warts and Cold Sores
2. Is Lipstick Safe Given the Lead Contamination?
3. The Gladiator Diet: How Vegetarian Athletes Stack Up
4. The First Studies on Vegetarian Athletes
5. Vegetarian Muscle Power, Strength, and Endurance
6. Benefits of Blueberries for Heart Disease
7. Which Coffee Is Healthier: Light vs. Dark Roast
8. Does Low Acid Coffee Cause Less Acid Reflux?
9. What About Kosher and Organic Chicken?
10. Brain Healthy Foods to Fight Aging
11. Do Lutein Supplements Help with Brain Function?
12. Is Fiber an Effective Anti-Inflammatory?
13. Dietary Cholesterol and Cancer
14. Eggs and Breast Cancer
15. Oxidized Cholesterol 27HC May Explain 3 Breast Cancer Mysteries
16. Do Apricot Seeds Work as an Alternative Cancer Cure?
17. Does Laetrile (Amygdalin or Vitamin B-17) Work as an Alternative Cancer Cure?
18. Is Butter Really Back? What the Science Says
19. Are Cannabis Edibles Safe?
20. Benefit of Dates for Colon Health
21. Are Vegetarians at Risk for Eating Disorders?
22. Do Mobile Phones Affect Sleep?
23. Is Ginger Beneficial in a Diabetic Diet?
24. How to Treat Periodontitis with Diet
25. Best Foods for Halitosis and Gingivitis
26. Best Way to Cook Vegetables


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