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Latest in Clinical Nutrition - Volume 3 [Digital Download]

Latest in Clinical Nutrition - Volume 3 [Digital Download]



Dr. Greger reviews the latest cutting edge science in this 90-minute video presentation.

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1. Artificial Colors: Harmful?
2. Artificial Butter Flavor: Harmful?
3. Citric Acid: Harmless?
4. Gum Arabic: Harmless?
5. Sodium Benzoate: Harmless?
6. Diet and Hyperactivity
7. Sugar vs. Corn Syrup
8. Mercury in Corn Syrup
9. The Healthiest Sweetener
10. A Harmless Artificial Sweetener
11. Nutrition Without Calories
12. The Healthiest Beverage
13. Dietary Brain Wave Alteration
14. Green Tea vs. White Tea
15. Black Tea vs. Earl Grey Tea
16. Tulsi Tea: Harmful?
17. Osmanthus Tea: Harmless?
18. Hibiscus Tea: Helpful?
19. Kuna Indian Secret
20. Latest Science on Chocolate
21. Latest Science on Carob
22. Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?
23. Hot Dogs and Leukemia
24. Pets and Human Lymphoma
25. Airborne Supplements
26. Sleep and Immunity
27. Optimal # of Hours to Sleep
28. Nontoxic Head Lice Treatment
29. White Bread: Harmful?
30. Boosting Heart Nerve Control
31. Latest on Spirulina
32. Latest on Blue-Green Algae
33. Mangosteen Juice: Harmful?
34. Star Fruit: Harmful?
35. Apples and Breast Cancer
36. Fungal Toxins in Apples
37. Pregnant Women and Peanuts
38. Betel Nuts: Harmful?
39. Coconut Oil: Harmful?
40. Coconut Milk Products: Helpful?
41. Avocados: Friend or Foe?
42. Diverticulosis and Nuts
43. Waistline Expanding Food
44. Waistline Slimming Food
45. Does Tofu Cause Dementia?
46. Oxalates in Cinnamon
47. How to Upregulate Metabolism
48. Caloric Restriction: Harmful?
49. Aspirin Levels in Plant Foods
50. Alcohol: Risks vs. Benefits
51. Salt OK if Blood Pressure is OK?
52. Fill in the Blank
53. Which Plastics are Harmful?
54. Study of Thousands of Vegans
55. How to Prevent Diabetes
56. How to Treat Diabetes
57. Meat and Mortality
58. Low Meat or No Meat?
59. Vegetarian's Myelopathy
60. #1 Anticancer Vegetable
61. Don't Use Fat-Free Dressings
62. Antioxidant Level Dynamics
63. Fecal Residues on Chickens
64. Carcinogens in Roasted Chicken?
65. Cause of Tremors Discovered
66. Carcinogens in Roasted Coffee?
67. Fast Food Tested for Carcinogens
68. Restaurant Worker Handwashing
69. Sexually Transmitted Fish Toxin
70. New Corpse Smell
71. USDA Parasite Game
72. Brain Parasites in Meat
73. Meat and Female Infertility
74. Soy and Male Infertility
75. Vegetarian Zinc Requirements
76. Xenoestrogen vs. Sperm Counts
77. Xenoestrogens and Early Puberty
78. Maternal Mercury Levels
79. Fish Fog
80. Amalgam Fillings vs. Canned Tuna
81. Cannibalistic Feed Biomagnification
82. DDT in Fish Oil Supplements
83. Avoiding Other Banned Pesticides
84. The Problem with Organic Salmon
85. Artificial Coloring in Fish
86. Distilled Fish Oil Supplements
87. Vitamin C Supplements: Harmful?
88. Iron Supplements: Harmless?
89. Multivitamin Supplements: Helpful?
90. Lutein, Lycopene, and Selenium
91. Juice Plus Supplements: Scam?
92. Glyconutrient Supplements
93. Soy Foods and Menopause
94. Gluten: Harmful or Helpful?
95. Toxins in Raw Mushrooms?
96. Toxins in Cooked Potatoes?
97. Toxins in Sweet Potatoes?
98. Arsenic in Rice
99. Arsenic in Chicken
100. Chicken vs. Veggie Chicken
101. Aluminum in Vaccines vs. Food
102. Brown Rice vs. Black Rice
103. Maxing Out on Antioxidants
104. Nutrient Blocking Effects of Dairy
105. Hormones in Skim vs. Whole Milk
106. Dairy Hormonal Interference
107. Long-Term Vegan Bone Health
108. Whose Health Unaffected By Eggs?
109. Eliminating the #1 Cause of Death
110. Cancer Reversal Through Diet?
111. Diet and Cancer Progression
112. Flax Seeds vs. Chia Seeds
113. Worst Study of the Year
114. Best Study of the Year

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