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Latest in Clinical Nutrition - Volume 34 [Digital Download]

Latest in Clinical Nutrition - Volume 34 [Digital Download]



Dr. Greger reviews the latest cutting-edge science in this 125-minute video presentation.

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1. Getting Under Our Skin: BPA on Receipts
2. Checking Children's Cholesterol
3. LDL Cholesterol and Heart Disease
4. Black Raspberry Supplements Tested
5. Animal Protein and Stress Hormones
6. Is Obesity Infectious?
7. How to Reduce Stroke Risk with Diet
8. Donating Blood to Prevent Heart Disease
9. Donating Blood to Prevent Cancer
10. Turmeric and Inflammatory Pseudotumor
11. Is Soy Good or Bad for Breast Cancer?
12. Breast Cancer Risk and Soy
13. Treating Endometriosis with Seaweed
14. Milk & Type 1 Diabetes
15. Meat & Type 1 Diabetes
16. Paratuberculosis in Meat
17. Miso Soup: Soy vs. Sodium
18. Marjoram for PCOS
19. Treating PCOS with Diet
20. How to Stop Hiccups
21. Strengthen the Mind-Body Connection
22. Do Vitamin C Supplements Prevent Colds?
23. Does Aspartame Cause Cancer?
24. Can Green Tea Help Prevent Cancer?
25. Can Green Tea Help Treat Cancer?
26. Supplement Industry & Carnitine/TMAO

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