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Latest in Clinical Nutrition - Volume 4 [Digital Download]

Latest in Clinical Nutrition - Volume 4 [Digital Download]



Dr. Greger reviews the latest cutting edge science in this three-hour video presentation.

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1. Latest on Alfalfa Sprouts
2. Latest on Aspartame
3. Latest on Chlorella
4. Latest on Coffee
5. Latest on Gluten
6. Latest on Gum Arabic
7. Latest on Herbalife
8. Latest on Juice Plus+
9. Latest on MSG
10. Latest on Spirulina
11. Stevia: Harmless?
12. Latest on Vitamin E
13. Latest on Yerba Mate
14. The Healthiest Herbal Tea
15. The Healthiest Lentil
16. The Healthiest Apple
17. Best Fruits for Cancer Prevention
18. The EPIC Study
19. Improving Memory Through Diet
20. Best Cooking Method
21. Latest on Raw Food Diets
22. Deep Fried Toxins
23. Benzene in Carrot Juice?
24. Zinc Gel for Colds?
25. Dietary Osteoarthritis Treatment
26. Diet and Rheumatoid Arthritis
27. Diet and Lichen Planus
28. Aphthous Ulcer Mystery Solved
29. Homeopathy: Useless?
30. Migrating Fish Bones
31. Cholesterol Gallstones
32. New Target Cholesterol
33. New Cholesterol Fighters
34. Low-fat or Whole Food?
35. Statin Muscle Toxicity
36. Can Cholesterol Be Too Low?
37. Largest Study Ever
38. Meat and Multiple Myeloma
39. Wart Cancer Viruses in Food
40. Hepatitis E Virus in Pork
41. Greasy Orange Rectal Leakage
42. Bristol Stool Scale
43. Fecal Bacteria Survey
44. Chicken Out of UTIs
45. Toxic Megacolon Superbug
46. Drug Residues in Meat
47. Mad Fish Disease
48. Dietary Theory of Alzheimer's
49. Reversing Cognitive Decline
50. Exercise and Breast Cancer
51. Soy and Breast Cancer Survival
52. Comparing Chocolate Sources
53. Soy Milk Blocks Tea Benefits?
54. Asian Paradox
55. Cold Steeping Green Tea
56. Matcha: Harmful?
57. Tea: How Much is Too Much?
58. Overdosing on Greens
59. Caffeine During Pregnancy
60. Iron During Pregnancy
61. Folic Acid Supplements: Harmful?
62. Crop Nutrient Decline: Fiction?
63. Obesity-causing Chicken Virus
64. Eating Obesity Causing Obesity?
65. Gut Bacteria and Obesity
66. Sex Hormone Binding Proteins
67. Dairy and Sexual Precocity
68. Acne and Cancer Connection
69. Anabolic Steroids in Meat
70. What's in a Burger?
71. Protein and Puberty
72. Moms Overestimate Dietary Quality
73. Allergenic Fish Worms
74. Prozac Residues in Fish
75. Dioxins in the Food Supply
76. Fish Intake Biomarkers
77. Hair Testing for Mercury
78. Distilled Fish Oil: Harmless?
79. Obesity-causing Pollutants in Food
80. Industrial Pollutants in Vegans
81. Inverted Rabbit Sign
82. Vegan Protein Status
83. Is Protein Bad to the Bone?
84. Diet and Marijuana Receptors
85. Plant-based Diets and Mood
86. Chili Peppers: Helpful?
87. Dates: Harmless?
88. Dragon Fruit: Harmful?
89. Kimchi: Helpful?
90. Kombucha Tea: Harmless?
91. Goji Berries: Harmful?
92. Licorice: Helpful?
93. Peanut Butter: Harmless?
94. Petroleum Jelly: Harmful?
95. Vinegar: Helpful?
96. Vitamin D Pills vs. Tanning Beds
97. Melatonin and Breast Cancer
98. Mitochondrial Theory of Aging
99. Convergence of Evidence

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