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Latest in Clinical Nutrition - Volume 6 [Digital Download]

Latest in Clinical Nutrition - Volume 6 [Digital Download]



Dr. Greger reviews the latest cutting edge science in this 90-minute video presentation.

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1. Is Alkaline Water a Scam?
2. Is Potassium Sorbate Bad for You?
3. SAD State of Affairs
4. Corporate Guidance for the Dietary Guidelines
5. With a Grain of Big Salt
6. He Who Pays the Piper Calls the Tune
7. USDA Conflicts of Interest
8. Just Say No
9. Dietary Guidelines: The First 25 Years
10. Dairies to Berries
11. It's All Greek to the USDA
12. Package Deals
13. Science Versus Corporate Interests
14. Advisory Committee Conflicts of Interest
15. The New Dietary Guidelines for Americans
16. From Pyramid to Plate
17. Food Fight
18. A Doctor a Day Keeps the Apples Away
19. If All Else Fails
20. Doctors Without Orders
21. Nutrition Bill Doctored in the California Senate
22. Medical Associations Oppose Nutrition Mandate
23. Dr. McDougall Champions CA Senate Bill 380
24. Infant Nearly Killed By Homeopathy
25. Total Recall
26. U.S. Meat Supply Flying at Half Staph
27. Airborne MRSA
28. MRSA in the U.S. Retail Meat
29. Amyloid and Apple Juice
30. The Nutrition Facts Missing from the Label
31. Best Fruit Juice
32. Constructing a Cognitive Portfolio
33. Alzheimer's and Apple Juice
34. Is Pomegranate Juice That Wonderful?
35. Pink Juice with Green Foam
36. Vitamin D Recommendations Changed
37. Evolutionary Target Vitamin D Level
38. Is Vitamin D the New Vitamin E?
39. Vitamin D and Mortality May Be U-Shaped Curve
40. Vitamin D Supplements May Be Necessary
41. Vitamin D-lemma
42. Institute of Medicine's D Recommendation
43. Resolving the Vitamin D-bate
44. Take Vitamin D Supplements With Meals
45. The Risks and Benefits of Neti Pot Nasal Irrigation
46. Dying Under Normal Circumstances
47. Agribusiness Sees it Differently
48. Purely a Question of Diet
49. Do You Want Fries With That? Lipitor?
50. Tolerable Upper Intake of Zero

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